Juniper Lee Pornography Story: Same Warriors Fresh Enjoy Chapter Six

Juniper Lee Pornography Story: Same Warriors Fresh Enjoy Chapter Six

Same Warriors, New Love

Chapter 6: A Kiss in the Dark

Chris backed away as the creatures circled around him. In the darkness he could hear Dende cackle. The Pyramid Heads snarled but they didnt make a move towards him instead seemingly content with just intimidating him.

Sorry fellas, Ive gotta be some where! Chris declared leaping over the Pyramid Head in front of him, or so he thought.

They were faster than they looked and a lot stronger. The creature grabbed Chriss ankle as he leapt through the air and swung him down, slamming him to the ground. Cringing as he rolled away, Chris realized just how much trouble he was in. His hands flashed with flame as he tossed a fireball at the first Pyramid Head. The creature moved with striking speed and bowed its head. Chris watched in horror as the fireball split and disappeared as it collided with the tip of the Pyramid shaped helmet.

Okay, Im in trouble! he declared ducking as another one swung its giant butcher knife above his head.

He scrambled to his feet as another brought its spear down just barely evading the point. Turning to try and launch another attack he backed into the arms of the fourth Pyramid Head. Its scrawny arms betrayed the fact that it was immensely strong. Chris howled in pain as it tried to crush him in its arms.

LET GO! he yelled igniting his hands and firing a blast full burn at the Pyramid Heads feet.

The creature didnt respond the way he expected. It released him from its grip, but as he turned to attack again, it caught him with a backhand. Chriss glasses flew from his face as he spun away. They were too strong for him to handle alone!

Chris couldnt get to his feet, the creatures were all over him. Ripping, tearing, snarling as they tried to turn him into a fresh cutlet. Grabbing the teen by his throat the lead Pyramid Head lifted him from the ground and squeezed. Chris clenched his eyes tight and clawed at the creatures hand trying to break free. Behind him he could barely make out the others approaching. This was ithe was going to die!

Suddenly, the hand on his throat released and he fell to the ground. The creatures backed away as he looked up coughing. The color was slowly returning to his face when Dende made his way to the fallen teen.

The Pyramid Heads parted as he walked towards Chris. Kneeling down in front of the battered teen, the masked boy reached forward and grabbed the yin-yang pendent hanging from Chris neck. The leather band holding the pendent snapped as Dende stood and smiled.

Im going to let you live this time, but Ill be taking this as a trophy, the boy explained.

Chris clenched his teeth and leapt to his feet, off balance as he charged forward, Give it back!

Dende turned as Chris launched himself at the boy. The masked boy released the pendent, but as Chris grabbed for it Dende caught him in the side with a hard kick. The alleyway was filled with the sound of a wet snap as the teen curled up coughing blood.

Absolutely pathetic, Dende declared wiping his mouth, All this over a worthless piece of jewelry!

Chris clung to the pendent for hope. He was beatenhe had never stood a chance against them.

One of the Pyramid Heads pulled out a smaller blade and reached for Chris, Leave him! Dende ordered. Dende managed to seize Chriss pendant back as he continued, Hes finished

The masked boy seemed disappointed by how quickly Chris had been defeated. Slowly his monstrous henchmen slipped into the shadows they had appeared from. As Dende turned away from Chris he bowed his head. Something didnt feel right about thisno! He couldnt think about that now. His master had sent him to do a job and he had done it. His mission complete, Dende stepped into the shadows leaving Chris cold, alone, and battered in the darkness of the alleyway.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

June looked out the window of her room. Chris wasnt home, he hadnt called, nothing. She began to worry about himthat wasnt true, shed been worried about him since the instant he said hed do his own investigation. She never should have let him run off on his own, butshe couldnt stop him. He was so stubbornthat was part of what she loved about him. He would never quit on something until he had seen it through to the end.

Good night Chriswherever you are, take care of yourself, she said slipping under the covers of her bed.

June stared up at the ceiling of her room and pictured his smile. Slowly she slipped into a dream of her future and space. She had her man, now all she needed to do was graduate and be accepted into the space program. Yeah, that was all

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

His body ached as he dragged along. His left leg had locked up on him and was a dead weight as he limped back to his home. His vision blurred as he began climbing up the side of the house. It had been a force of habit for him to do this. His parents would always get angry if he just showed up in the middle of the night so he had begun to climb to his window and just slip into bed. Oddly enough, his window was slightly open as he fell in with a thud. His surroundings were unfamiliar as he looked around in the darkness trying to get his bearings. Suddenly a light flicked on.

Chris? June asked tossing her covers off.

He was taking deep breaths as he pulled himself up, June?

The Asian teen ran to his side dressed only in a white t-shirt and her pink panties catching him as he fell forward. Slowly she lowered him to the ground and rolled him over.

What happened to you? she asked in horror.

There was a deep gash under his right eye and a trail of blood at the corner of his mouth. His shirt was shredded, like it had been used by a hundred cats as a scratching post. He needed help and she wasnt sure she could do it.

Chris? June said, We need to get you to a hospital!

Softly he reached up and stroked her cheek, Ill be fineJuneI just need a couple hundred band-aids.

She grabbed his hand and clenched it in her own as tears welled in her eyes. Why was he always so stubborn? Once again she was giving in to his wishes. Carefully she lifted him and propped him against the wall, putting a pillow below his head. She was trying to keep from panicking, she wouldnt be any good to him if she wasnt thinking straight.

Okay, she said running to her shelves and grabbing a few things here and there.

Back at his side she had a few bandages and band-aids, but it wasnt a permanent fix. It would have to do until she could get him to a doctor. Looking him over she saw how dirty he was.

Ill be right back, she explained kissing him lightly and then disappearing out into the hall.

Chris eyes closed and when they reopened she was standing over him with a big cup of hot water. She kneeled down and dipped one of the bandages in the cup and cleaned the injury below his eye. He tried to pull away, but it hurt too much to move.

Carefully June cleaned and wrapped each wound until she was done. Stepping back she smiled slightly looking him up and down. His forehead was tightly wrapped as were his hands and parts of his arms. Now she had to see how bad his chest was.

Chris? she whispered into his ear, Chris I need you to lift your arms up for me.

Groggily he did as she asked and as June pulled his shirt off she saw a dark purple mark under his right arm. He had a broken rib.

Slowly he turned to look at her and saw the concern in her eyes.

What is it? Whats wrong? he asked.

June looked at him in disbelief, You mean besides the fact that my boyfriend was turned into a rag doll because he had to go off on his own? Youve got a broken rib! It could be one, it could be three I dont know and we cant find out until you go see a doctor!

No doctors, theyll ask too many questions, Chris explained.

I cant fix you! June started to yell, but dropped to a whisper. You could be bleeding internally.

Chris bowed his head as he thought about it. She was right, he needed real medical attention.

Theres a doctor in the outer realms, Ill go see him tomorrow, Chris explained.

June was tired of arguing with him, Okay

JuneImsorry, he softly said.

Sighing, the Asian teen pulled out another bandage and began to wrap it around his chest, Its okay, she said, Its justyou cant keep going off pulling this lone wolf routine. Were a teamwere more than a team! Youre my boyfriend and I love you very much, but sometimes you can just be so stubbornI dont know what I would do if I ever lost you.

Chris was stunned. She had never said anything like that to him before. June was right though, he had to stop doing things his way.

He raised his arm and softly turned her head to look him in the eyes, You will never lose me, I will always come back to you, no matter what! I swear to you!

June looked deep into his green eyes and saw the sincerity in them. Carefully she crawled into his lap and rested her head on his shoulder. Despite all the bandages his skin was soft as she sat there with him. Chris laid his head on hers. She smelled like cherries, he thought taking in her scent. That was when he felt something wet against his chest. Looking down at her, he could see her sobbing. Suddenly she looked up and wrapped her arms around his neck clinging to him tightly as she began to out and out cry.

Cringing from the pain in his side he returned the hug and began to whisper into her ear, Its okay June, just let it all out.

They sat that way for a long time as June let it all out. She had really been hurt that hed gone off on his own. How were they supposed to work together if he kept on doing that? Suddenly she was moving. Opening her eyes and looking up at him, he was holding her tightly in his arms. June clung to him as he walked back to her bed and sat down, still holding her.

June he said softly.

She just looked at him while he looked at her. He didnt know what to say next. Nothing seemed right. It was June that made the next move as she sat up and pushed him back so he was lying in her bed with his legs hanging over the side.

You dont have to say anything, June explained leaning in over him and brining her face half an inch from his face.

He gulped as she looked at him with half opened eyes. Softly she pressed her lips against his, pulling his head up deeper into the kiss. Ignoring the pain in his side he wrapped his arms around her waist and rolled over on top of her. Kicking his shoes off he leaned in and kissed her neck as his hands softly moved up her sides.

She giggled as he hit a ticklish spot but stopped suddenly when his warm breath shot over her neck making her whole body shudder. He knew her neck was sensitive and he was playing off that a lot tonight. Not intending to let him have all the fun June ran a finger along his spine which made him stop and smile. For as sensitive as her body was, his was just as bad.

So thats how you wanna play, huh Fields? June asked looking at him deviously.

Suddenly she grabbed his belt loops as his hands began to move under her shirt. They were at a stalemate as they looked each other in the eye waiting for the other to make a move

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Chris awoke at 4 A.M. and looked around. He wasnt in his room, so where was he? In the bed, someone shifted beside him. Slowly he pulled the covers back to reveal the raven haired, pink stranded girl he loved. A smile crossed his face as he remembered what had happened. Last night had been a lot of fun once again exploring each others bodies, but stopping before they went too faralthough this time they had gone a little further than the last time.

June? Chris whispered into her ear.

She moaned and rolled over to look at him. Her eyes were half opened and she looked exhausted, but she still leaned up to kiss him.

I should probably head back to my place, I dont think youre parents would be too happy finding their daughter in bed with her half naked boyfriend, he explained.

Quickly she reached up and pulled him down, Please, please dont go, not yet, she pleaded. Just until I fall asleep? Please?

Chris smirked and sat back against the head board as she rested her head against him. He always thought she was beautiful, but when she slept there was something different about her. Like she didnt have the weight of the world resting on her shoulders. She looked so innocent and peaceful.

It only took a matter of minutes, but soon the Asian teen was sleeping soundly. Carefully Chris slipped out of her bed and pulled the covers back over her. Searching for his shirt he pulled it on without too much trouble. Tying his shoes he heard her call out his name. Walking to her side of the bed he leaned in and kissed her on the forehead.

Good night, June, sleep tight, he whispered before crawling out the window.

Quietly he crossed the lawn back to his house and entered. As he climbed the stairs to his room he let his mind drift. He was thinking about June again, but he kept having flashes of that masked kid. Chris had been beaten to a pulp and not learned a thing about him. And with all of thefun hed had with June he hadnt had a chance to ask if she had found out anything about him. Oh well, theres always tomorrow, he thought yawning. Kicking his shoes off he fell face first into his pillow and closed his eyes. Seconds later he was asleep.

To be continued

And thats that. Dende and his Pyramid Heads have started on their masters scheme, but what is the plan? And why did Dende spare Chris? Somethings going on with the masked boy, but what?

Plus more about June and Chris and theirrelationship in the next chapter. What happens when their emotions are played against them?

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